Other Preserved Vials

** QEC Custom-Preserved™ products are compliant with OSHA HCS 2012 standards. Click here to learn why this is important to your lab!

QEC offers 40mL VOA vials preserved for a number of applications. If you don't see the particular preservative you need here, contact QEC customer service. We can prepare virtually any container in our stock to your specifications.

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HCL VOA vials
SizeColorCaseDescriptionProduct No.
40mLAmber72Preserved w/ 3mg Sodium Thiosulfate anhydrous3122-40ML/SOTH-A-3-72
40mLClear72Preserved w/ 3mg Sodium Thiosulfate anhydrous3112-40ML/SOTH-A-3-72
40mLAmber72Preserved w/ 25mg Ascorbic Acid3122-40ML/CPAA-A-25-72
40mLClear72Preserved w/ 25mg Ascorbic Acid3112-40ML/CPAA-A-25-72
40mLAmber72Preserved w/ 200mg Maleic Acid & 25mg Ascorbic Acid3122-40ML/MA/AA-A-200-25
40mLClear72Preserved w/ 200mg Maleic Acid & 25mg Ascorbic Acid3112-40ML/MA/AA-A-200-25