HCl VOA Vials

** QEC HCL vials are compliant with OSHA HCS 2012 standards. Click here to learn why this is important to your lab!

40mL VOA vials preserved with 1:1 Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) solution, for use in preserving samples containing volatile organic compounds.

QEC Vials are EPA-compliant Type 1 borosilicate glass in 33 expansion clear or 51 expansion amber, with open-top polypropylene caps fitted with low-bleed .125" PTFE/silicone septa.

Vials are prepared in a controlled environment to prevent volatile contamination. HCl in QEC vials is tested and certified to meet or exceed EPA requirements for low-level VOC analysis.

Preparation Levels for products on this page:
LEVEL 1:  Assembled & QA checked
LEVEL 2:  Pre-cleaned to EPA standards
LEVEL 3:  Pre-cleaned to EPA standards, w/ Certificate of Analysis
(See Cleaning/Standards page for a full description.)

Vials are packaged 72 per case. Also available in convenient 9-vial foam-pak cubes, 8 cubes per case.

SizeColorCaseDescriptionLevel 1Level 2Level 3
40mLAmber72VOA vials with 0.5mL HCl 1:1 solution1122-40HCL 2122-40HCL 3122-40HCL
40mLClear72VOA vials with 0.5mL HCl 1:1 solution1112-40HCL 2112-40HCL 3112-40HCL
40mLAmber72VOA vials with 0.25mL HCl 1:1 solution1122-40HCL-22122-40HCL-23122-40HCL-2
40mLClear72VOA vials with 0.25mL HCl 1:1 solution1112-40HCL-22112-40HCL-23112-40HCL-2
40mLAmber72Foam-pk VOA vials w/ 0.5mL HCl 1:1 solution1122-40HCLF2122-40HCLF3122-40HCLF
40mLClear72Foam-pk VOA vials w/ 0.5mL HCl 1:1 solution1112-40HCLF2112-40HCLF3112-40HCLF
40mLAmber72Foam-pk VOA vials w/ 0.25mL HCl 1:1 solution1122-40HCLF-22122-40HCLF-23122-40HCLF-2
40mLClear72Foam-pk VOA vials w/ 0.25mL HCl 1:1 solution1112-40HCLF-22112-40HCLF-23112-40HCLF-2