Nitric Acid

Nitric acid preservative stabilizes samples analyzed for metals. QEC can prepare concentrations so that they meet US TSA concentration requirements for air transport. QEC offers preservatives in two types of packaging:

Custom-Preserved™ CP Dropper:
20mL squeezable LDPE bottle with polypropylene dropper cap for dispensing the desired amount of preservative.

Custom-Preserved™ CP Vials:
7mL and 4mL clear Type 1 borosilicate glass vials with polypropylene cap with foam/PTFE liner. CP Vials come prepared with a pre-measured amount of solution/reagent to be added to the sample, eliminating the need to prepare the preservative solution in the field.

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ContainerCaseAmountSolution/ReagentProduct No.
CP Dropper1215.0mL70% Concentrate Nitric Acid 121D-NAC/15
CP Dropper1215.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 121D-1NA/15
CP Dropper1215.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 121D-3NA/15
CP Vial245.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 1112-7NA/05
CP Vial1445.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 5112-7NA/05
CP Vial245.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 1112-7NA3/05
CP Vial1445.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 5112-7NA3/05
CP Vial243.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 1112-4NA/03
CP Vial1443.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 5112-4NA/03
CP Vial243.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 1112-4NA3/03
CP Vial1443.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 5112-4NA3/03
CP Vial242.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 1112-4NA/02
CP Vial1442.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 5112-4NA/02
CP Vial242.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 1112-4NA3/02
CP Vial1442.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 5112-4NA3/02
CP Vial241.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 1112-4NA/01
CP Vial1441.0mL35% (1:1) Nitric Acid 5112-4NA/01
CP Vial241.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 1112-4NA3/01
CP Vial1441.0mL18% (1:3) Nitric Acid 5112-4NA3/01
CP Vial240.5mL70% Concentrate Nitric Acid 1112-4NAC/0.5
CP Vial1440.5mL70% Concentrate Nitric Acid 5112-4NAC/0.5