Sodium Thiosulfate

Sodium thiosulfate removes residual chlorine from samples.  QEC offers preservatives in two types of packaging:

Custom-Preserved™ CP Dropper:
20mL squeezable LDPE bottle with polypropylene dropper cap for dispensing the desired amount of preservative.

Custom-Preserved™ CP Vials:
7mL and 4mL clear Type 1 borosilicate glass vials with polypropylene cap with foam/PTFE liner. CP Vials come prepared with a pre-measured amount of solution/reagent to be added to the sample, eliminating the need to prepare the preservative solution in the field.

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ContainerCaseAmountSolution/ReagentProduct No.
CP Dropper1215.0mL 0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 121D-ST0.1/15
CP Vial243.0mL0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 1112-4ST0.1/03
CP Vial1443.0mL0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 5112-4ST0.1/03
CP Vial242.0mL0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 1112-4ST0.1/02
CP Vial1442.0mL0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 5112-4ST0.1/02
CP Vial241.0mL0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 1112-4ST0.1/01
CP Vial1441.0mL0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 5112-4ST0.1/01
CP Vial240.5mL0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 1112-4ST0.1/0.5
CP Vial1440.5mL0.1N Sodium Thiosulfate 5112-4ST0.1/0.5