Headspace Septa

Low-Bleed PTFE/Silicone is one of the most commonly used headspace septa materials, and the one with the best per formance characteristics. 

The PTFE provides a barrier for chemical resistance. The Silicone layer provides an analytically clean backing material that ensures a good seal with the surface of the vial, and affords some degree of resealability when punctured. Silicone is also the best choice for high temperature work as it will perform up to about 200 C. 

SizeDescriptionPkgProduct No.
20mmNatural PTFE/Natural Silicone - Loose Septa Only, fits 20mm seals100 QP3200.020.700A
20mmNatural PTFE/Natural Silicone - Loose Septa Only , fits 20mm seals 1,000 QP3200.020.700