Aluminum Crimp Seals

Aluminum seals are the preferred choice for use with manual crimping tools, and for auto samplers that do not employ magnetic pick-up transport.

QEC's 20mm aluminum seals are available with septa pre-inserted for convenience and to reduce contamination due to handling. Choose natural silicone septa with white PTFE or white silicone septa with white PTFE.

Seals may also be purchased with no septa.

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SizeDescriptionPkgSeptaProduct No.
20mmAluminum100natural PTFE, natural silicone, 0.125”QP3242.020.700A
20mmAluminum1,000natural PTFE, natural silicone, 0.125”QP3242.020.700
20mmAluminum100natural PTFE, white siliconeQP3242.020.005A
20mmAluminum1,000natural PTFE, white siliconeQP3242.020.005
20mmAluminum1,000No Septa, Seals OnlyQIC-A-020-001