Quality Environmental Containers

Quality Environmental Containers World Headquarters

Quality Environmental Containers, Inc. (QEC) provides a line of sampling and storage containers and accessories of the highest quality, specifically selected, assembled, and prepared for the environmental laboratory industry. 

QEC’s product line has been designed in consultation with one of the Top 20 environmental analysis laboratories in the USA to meet the rigorous demands of environmental analysis. Further, QEC stands behind its products with exceptional customer service and support. 

QEC’s is a major supplier of environmental sampling containers and supplies because labs all over the world appreciate the need for a quality product backed up by reliable service, and they trust us to provide it. QEC is proud to offer its products to every type of laboratory or enterprise where container quality is mission-critical.

QEC vials in the fieldQuality Environmental Containers markets a full line of reliable, EPA-compliant, contaminant-free sampling containers: vials, soil jars, glass, and plastics all pre-cleaned to exceed NELAC and EPA standards. Plus, a full line of soil sampling and preservation kits; complete sampling accessories, including caps, closures, labels, custody seals, cooler packing supplies, and air sampling bags.

QEC brands are known throughout the industry for their high quality and consistent performance:

  • Qromix™ precision-engineered chromatography vials, closures, septa
  • Custom-Preserved™ pre-preserved containers prepared for the customer’s specific needs, including for UCMR programs 1 through 4
  • Q-Seal™ leak-proof HDPE oblongs
  • UltraLab™ premium HDPE and polypropylene plastic containers

Our containers use only the highest quality materials and components, including borosilicate glass, ultra high-density HDPE plastics, pre-leached low-bleed septa, leak-proof closures and much more.

QEC has a detailed, well-designed QA/QC program. Every container we ship follows a strict quality assurance plan through each phase of cleaning, certification, packaging and shipping. All QEC products and their components undergo strict evaluation and inspection before being released into production. Pre-cleaned and Pre-cleaned Certified containers are specially prepared using a cleaning procedure that consistently results in containers that meet or exceed requirements in US EPA’s “Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers”.