Straight-side Jars

QEC’s wide mouth straight-sided jars are excellent for sampling of soil, sediment and sludge. Level Three 4 oz. and 2 oz. jars are also tested and certified for volatiles. All are shipped assembled with PTFE-lined polypropylene caps.

Preparation Levels for products on this page:
LEVEL 1: Assembled & QA checked
LEVEL 2: Pre-cleaned to EPA standards
LEVEL 3: Pre-cleaned to EPA standards, w/ Certificate of Analysis
LEVEL 5: Bulk-packaged, assembled & QA checked
LEVEL 6: Bulk-packaged, pre-cleaned to EPA standards.
(See Cleaning/Standards page for a full description.)

Straight-sided jars are also available unassembled in bulk quantities, ready for your cleaning or preparation procedures. Please contact QEC for availability and pricing.