Starplex® Bottle

Sterile Water Testing (Coliform) Container

120ml (4oz) polypropylene container is a complete self-contained package with a white leak proof “o-ring” cap, 100ml fill-line, a tamper evident label and a 10mg Sodium Thiosulfate tablet. A certificate of conformance is provided in each case and addresses the tablet strength, non-fluorescing label, sterilization, and the 100mL fill line accuracy.

This container is ideal for coliform testing, and for water sampling techniques requiring a controlled amount of Sodium Thiosulfate as a dechlorinating agent.  The tablet neutralizes free halogens, thereby preventing destruction of bacteria or organic material prior to analysis. Applications include sampling potable water supplies and sources, waste water, recreational waters and surface or irrigation water supplies.

SizeDescriptionPkgProduct No.
120mlSterile sealed Water Testing Container with 10mg Sodium Thiosulfate tablet3000B1202-TS