Septa Bottles & Jars

Septa Boston Rounds:
Narrow mouth bottles are preferred for sampling of liquids with low or absent solids content. QEC offers Boston Round septa bottles in 8 oz and 4 oz clear and amber, with other sizes available on request. Use amber bottles for light-sensitive applications. Septa bottles have Polypropylene cap with  PTFE/silicone septum inserted.
Septa Packers and Jars:
Wide mouth jars are the best choice for solids, semi-solids and hazardous waste samples. QEC's septa jars have a polypropylene cap with welded non-adhesive PTFE/low-bleed silicone septum.

Preparation Levels for products on this page:
LEVEL 1: Assembled & QA checked
LEVEL 2: Pre-cleaned to EPA standards
LEVEL 3: Pre-cleaned to EPA standards, w/ Certificate of Analysis
LEVEL 5: Bulk-packaged, assembled & QA checked
LEVEL 6: Bulk-packaged, pre-cleaned to EPA standards.
(See Cleaning/Standards page for a full description.)

SizeCapColorContainerStd. CaseBulk Pkg.Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 5Level 6
8oz/250mL24mmAmberBost. Rnd241081121-S0082121-S0083121-S0085121-S0086121-S008
8oz/250mL24mmClearBost. Rnd241081111-S0082111-S0083111-S0085111-S0086111-S008
4oz/125mL24mmAmberBost. Rnd241441121-S0042121-S0043121-S0045121-S0046121-S004
8oz/250mL58mmClearTall Jar24241117-S0082117-S0083117-S0085117-S0086117-S008
4oz/125mL58mmAmberShort Jar241441124-S0042124-S0043124-S0045124-S0046124-S004
4oz/125mL58mmClearShort Jar241441114-S0042114-S0043114-S0045114-S0046114-S004
2oz/60mL53mmClearShort Jar241441114-S0022114-S0023114-S0025114-S0026114-S002