Scintillation Vials

SCINTILLATION VIALS from QEC are manufactured of low-potassium low-background borosilicate glass, with closely-controlled wall thickness. Uniform wall thickness is invaluable for reliable counting reproducibility.

Liquid scintillation counting (LSC) is the standard laboratory method to quantify the radioactivity of low energy radioisotopes, primarily beta-emitting and alpha-emitting isotopes. Sensitive LSC detection method requires specific chemical combinations to absorb energy into detectable light pulses.

SizeCapColorDescriptionPkgProduct No.
20 ml22-400ClearScintillation vial with cork-backed foil-lined polypropylene cap100B112-20MLSC
20 mlNo capClearScintillation vial, without cap100B112-20MLS
7 ml 15-425ClearScintillation vial with pulp-backed plastic-faced foil-lined polypropylene cap200B112-07MLSC