Safety Coated Glass

Upon your request, QEC will coat any of our glass products with a tough, non-reactive, soft plastic. Some advantages to consider:

  • Bottles are slip-resistant for safety and less breakage of bottles (empty or full) in the lab or in transit.
  • Quick clean up. Capped bottles with plastic coating contain the contents and glass shards long enough for proper disposal.
  • Prevents or lessens spillage of possibly harmful materials in the event of breakage.
  • Helps meet requirements for OSHA, DOT and UPS, among others.
  • Better safety, reduces product liability.
  • Full protection of glass against gas and product penetration, in a more breakage-resistant container.

On this page are our more frequently-ordered safety-coated items. However, we can safety-coat any glass container in our stock at the preparation level you need.

SizeCapColorContainerCaseLevel 1Level 2
4.0 Liter/4000mL38-439AmberGlass Jug61121-0128S2121-0128S
32oz/950mL33mmAmberBoston Round301121-0032S2121-0032S
1.0 Liter/1000mL33-430AmberBoston Round121121-003312S2121-003312S
32oz70mmClearStraight-side jar121114-003270S2114-003270S