Red PTFE/White Silicone, 0.040"

Septa are 0.035” White Silicone with 0.005” Red PTFE. High quality silicone is used to ensure proper re-sealing and reduced coring. Designed for multiple injections and/or longer sample cycles - for both GC and LC applications.


Cap are high-quality durable polypropylene, with ribbed sides for ease in handling. Standard colors are yellow, blue, and black.

CapDescriptionPkgPre-SlitProduct No.
YellowInserted Into Cap100YesQP3215.009.502A
YellowInserted Into Cap1,000YesQP3215.009.502
BlueInserted Into Cap100YesQP3215.009.501A
BlueInserted Into Cap1,000YesQP3215.009.501
BlackInserted Into Cap100YesQP3215.009.500A
BlackInserted Into Cap1,000YesQP3215.009.500
YellowInserted Into Cap100NoQP3212.009.502A
YellowInserted Into Cap1,000NoQP3212.009.502
BlueInserted Into Cap100NoQP3212.009.501A
BlueInserted Into Cap1,000NoQP3212.009.501
BlackInserted Into Cap100NoQP3212.009.500A
BlackInserted Into Cap1,000NoQP3212.009.500
No CapLoose Septa Only100NoQP3200.009.500A
No CapLoose Septa Only1,000NoQP3200.009.500