** QEC Custom-Preserved™ products are compliant with OSHA HCS 2012 standards. Click here to learn why this is important to your lab!

QEC Custom-Preserved™ preservatives are chemical solutions of various strengths and quantities for the preservation of environmental samples. Custom-Preserved™ CPDroppers™ and CPVials™ are color coded and labeled to reduce error in field use.

Each preservative is also offered with full QA/QC and written certification of purity. If you do not see the amount and ratio of your choice of preservatives listed, QEC can have preservatives custom-mixed to your specifications.

All preservatives are shipped in compliance with 49CFR 173.4 (Small Quantities) with MSDS enclosed.  Custom-Preserved™ nitric acid preservatives can be prepared suitable for air transport, meeting USDOT requirements.