Polypropylene Containers

Natural Polypropylene containers are translucent and durable. Ideal for storing and collecting specimens and lab supplies. Wide neck and straight sides facilitate easy recovery of contents. Polypropylene offers greater tolerance to high temperatures than HDPE and better contact clarity.

QEC 4oz specimen cups are an all-purpose utilitarian container with many lab uses. Cups feature raised graduated fill markings and a polyethylene screw cap. Specimen cups are shipped with caps, unassembled.

SizeCapColorCaseDescriptionProduct No.
4oz/120mL53mmNatural500 Polypropylene specimen cup with cap. UnassembledB214-0004
4oz/120mL58mmNatural324 Polypropylene wide mouth, pre-cleaned to EPA standards, bulk package6214-0004PP
2oz/60mL33mmNatural48 Polypropylene wide mouth, assembled and QA checked1214-0002PP
2oz/60mL33mmNatural420Polypropylene wide mouth, assembled and QA checked. Bulk packaged.5214-0002PP
2oz/60mL33mmNatural48Polypropylene wide mouth, pre-cleaned to EPA standards.2214-0002PP
2oz/60mL33mmNatural420Polypropylene wide mouth, pre-cleaned to EPA standards. Bulk packaged.6214-0002PP