Oblong Wide Mouth

Rectangular shape makes better use of cooler space. Larger mouth allows for easier filling and pouring of liquid samples. Containers are prepared with polypropylene cap and foam-polyethylene liner included.

Polypropylene caps with foam polyethylene liners have excellent sealing, with good chemical resistance to acids, alcohols, alkalis, aqueous products, oils and solvents.

One liter, 500mL oblongs are often used to sample drinking water for lead contamination. Certification meets or exceeds EPA standards for metals, cyanide and fluoride.

Preparation Levels for products on this page:
LEVEL 1: Assembled & QA checked
LEVEL 2: Pre-cleaned to EPA standards
LEVEL 3: Pre-cleaned to EPA standards, w/ Certificate of Analysis
LEVEL 5: Bulk-packaged, assembled & QA checked
LEVEL 6: Bulk-packaged, pre-cleaned to EPA standards.
(See Cleaning/Standards page for a full description.)

Oblong wide-mouth jars are also available unassembled in bulk quantities, ready for your cleaning or preparation procedures. Please contact QEC for availability and pricing.

SizeCapColorStd. CaseBulk Pkg.Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 5Level 6