Natural Rubber/ETFE, 0.040"

0.038” Red Natural Rubber with 0.002” Clear ETFE

Used for general analyses in gas chromatography

QEC Natural Rubber septa are designed for high performance and economy. Manufactured from a high quality, custom developed compound, these products exhibit excellent re-sealability, very good chemical resistance, and can withstand up to 100ºC temperatures. Natural Rubber septa work particularly well with organic solvents.

The ETFE coating combines superior mechanical toughness with an outstanding chemical inertness comparable to PTFE coating resins.

CapDescriptionPkgPre-SlitProduct No.
Green Inserted Into Cap 100No QP5742.011.702A
Green Inserted Into Cap 1,000No QP5742.011.702
Red Inserted Into Cap 100No QP5742.011.701A
Red Inserted Into Cap 1,000No QP5742.011.701
Silver Inserted Into Cap 100No QP5742.011.700A
Silver Inserted Into Cap 1,000No QP5742.011.700
No Cap Loose Septa Only 100No QP5700.011.700A
No Cap Loose Septa Only 1,000No QP5700.011.700