Natural PTFE/Natural Silicone, 0.040"

0.035” Natural Silicone with 0.005” Natural PTFE

Designed for multiple injections and/or longer sample cycles, for both GC and LC applications

High quality silicone compounds are used to ensure proper re-sealing and reduced chances of coring

Absence of pigments eliminates additional sources of contamination

CapDescriptionPkgPre-SlitProduct No.
Green Inserted Into Cap 100No QP3242.011.722A
Green Inserted Into Cap 1,000No QP3242.011.722
Red Inserted Into Cap 100No QP3242.011.721A
Red Inserted Into Cap 1,000No QP3242.011.721
Silver Inserted Into Cap 100No QP3242.011.720A
Silver Inserted Into Cap 1,000No QP3242.011.720
No Cap Loose Septa Only 100No QP3200.011.720A
No Cap Loose Septa Only 1,000No QP3200.011.720