Leak-Proof Plasticware

QEC offers two lines of premium leak-proof plastic containers that are ideal for sampling sludge, oil, and water for metals, or for any applications where container security is critical.

Q-Seal™ HDPE oblongs are a precision-sealing mated container-closures system designed for single use without sacrificing leak-proof reliability.

UltraLab™ HDPE and polypropylene rigid plastic containers, like Q-Seal, are constructed of top-quality resins and undergo rigorous design inspections and testing. Engineered to withstand excessive vibration and eliminate closure back-off during shipping.  Closures are molded polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance.

  • Dimensional check to maintain bottle consistency
  • Wall thickness check to ensure strength and durability
  • Thread integrity check for consistent, reliable fit between bottle and closure
  • Pressure test to confirm leakproof fit

Click here for specifications for UltraLab™.

Click here for specifications for Q-Seal™.