Labels/Custody Seals

Printed on high-quality 3M® tear-resistant label stock, QEC container labels and custody seals help you identify and protect the integrity of your samples. Large and small sizes to fit almost any container.

SizeDescriptionPkgProduct No.
1" x 3.25"Small custody seal2521C1000
1" x 3.25"Small custody seal3,000BC1000
1" x 7"Large custody seal1261C1005
1" x 7"Large custody seal1,500BC1005
2" x 3.25"Large container label1441L1000
2" x 3.25"Large container label5,000BL1000
2.5" x 2.5"Square container label721L1001
2.5" x 2.5"Square container label2,000BL1001
1.25" x 2.5"Small container label, with tare weight721L1002PP
1.25" x 2.5"Small container label, with tare weight1,000BL1002PP