Foampak Inserts

QEC's Big Blue cooler insert fits a standard 48-quart insulated cooler. Insert holes can be adapted for various size containers. Containers are sold separately.

QEC's gray 9-vial shippers are made of soft polyurethane foam for safe transport of VOA vials. Vial shippers meet DOT requirements. Vials are sold separately.

QEC's 24-vial foam block for stoage and shipping of 4mL and 7mL vials is made of sturdy high-density foam. Vials are sold separately.

For high-volume customers, QEC can provide custom-cut foam inserts to fit your cooler needs and specifications. Please contact your QEC representative or our Customer Service department for more information.

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DescriptionPkgProduct No.
Customizable foam insert to fit 48-quart cooler10F5000
9-hole foam vial shipper, fits 40mL VOA vials10F6000
24-hole dense foam vial shipper, fits 7mL and 4mL storage vials10F6001