Foam-Packed VOA Vials

PREMIUM FOAM PACK – 40mL EPA VOA vials shipped in special packaging of eight 9-pack foam cubes for convenient handling and re-shipping.

See VOA Quality Assurance for VOA vial Level 3 quantitation limits.

Preparation Levels for products on this page:

LEVEL 1: Assembled & QA checked
LEVEL 2: Pre-cleaned to EPA standards
LEVEL 3: Pre-cleaned to EPA standards, w/ Certificate of Analysis
(See Cleaning/Standards page for a full description.)

SizeCapColorCaseLevel 1Level 2Level 3
40mL24-414Amber72 vials (8 cubes of 9)1122-40mlF2122-40mlF3122-40mlF
40mL24-414Clear72 vials (8 cubes of 9)1112-40mlF2112-40mlF3112-40mlF