Custom-Preserved™ Containers

** QEC Custom-Preserved™ products are compliant with OSHA HCS 2012 standards. Click here to learn why this is important to your lab!

Preserving containers in advance of use is a frequent and popular choice in the environmental sampling field. For more than 15 years QEC has provided this service with our Custom-Preserved™ containers to simplify field preservation.

Level 3 containers include a certificate of analysis for the container and the added reagent.

Custom-Preserved™ containers give additional assurance that proper protocols are followed, especially when collecting samples for a number of parameters.

QEC can Custom-Preserved™ virtually any container in our stock  to meet your needs. Below is a list of our most frequently requested Custom-Preserved™ containers, organized by preservative. If what you need is not listed, contact QEC customer service. We can create a Custom-Preserved™ product to your specifications.

Custom-Made Barcodes also available from QEC.

ContainerCaseApplicationSolution/ReagentProduct No.
500mL UltraLab HDPE24Cyanides 10N Sodium Hydroxide, 3mL 3213-U016/NAOH-10-3-24
250mL UltraLab HDPE24Cyanides 10N Sodium Hydroxide, 1mL 3213-U008/NAOH-10-1-24
1000mL UltraLab HDPE12Metals 1:1 Nitric Acid, 5mL 3213-U032/HNO3-1-5-12
500mL UltraLab HDPE24Metals 1:1 Nitric Acid, 3mL 3213-U016/HNO3-1-3-24
250mL UltraLab HDPE24Metals 1:1 Nitric Acid, 1mL 3213-U008/HNO3-1-1-24
125mL UltraLab HDPE48Metals 1:1 Nitric Acid, 0.5mL 3213-U004/HNO3-1-0.5-48
1L Amber Boston Round12Nitrate/Nitrite, COD, Oil/Grease/TPH 1:1 Sulfuric Acid, 5mL 3121-003312/H2SO4-1-5-12
1L Amber Packer 12Nitrate/Nitrite, COD, Oil/Grease/TPH 1:1 Sulfuric Acid, 5mL 3122-0032/H2SO4-1-5-12
250mL Amber Packer 24Nitrate/Nitrite, COD, Oil/Grease/TPH 1:1 Sulfuric Acid, 1mL 3122-0008/H2SO4-1-1-24
1L Amber Boston Round12Volatile organics 1:1 Hydrochloric Acid, 5mL 3121-003312/HCL-1-5-12
500mL Amber Packer 12Volatile organics 1:1 Hydrochloric Acid, 3mL 3122-0016/HCL-1-3-12