** QEC Custom-Preserved™ products are compliant with OSHA HCS 2012 standards. Click here to learn why this is important to your lab!

This section lists our most commonly requested Custom-Preserved™ products. If what you need is not listed, contact QEC customer service. We can prepare any container Custom-Preserved™ to your specifications.

Custom-Preserved™ containers are a convenient and time-saving alternative to individual dosing of samples. QEC's Custom-Preserved™ containers are available in a variety of popular container forms, sizes, and reagent treatments.

QEC's Custom-Preserved™ is truly custom: we will preserve any of our containers with whatever reagent you specify.

In addition to Custom-Preserved™ containers. QEC offers chemical preservatives in convenient borosilicate glass CPVials™, and polypropylene CPDroppers™. Each provides easy dosing into the sampling container with the option to re-close. The contents of each CPVial™ and CPDropper™ are identified by color coded labels with the name of the preservative.

QEC's preservative labels and seals may also be ordered separately.