QEC’s LDPE Cubitainers® are recommended for collecting water samples and other low viscosity liquids to be analyzed for inorganic trace analytes. 

  • Made of a blend of linear low and low density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Assembled with a 38mm polypropylene screw cap closure. 
  • Collapsible and nest when empty for efficient storage and transport
  • A corrugated cardboard overwrap and carrying handle are available (sold separately), although generally not utilized when Cubitainers® are used for sample collection.
  • Reversible well design permits the opening to be raised or depressed for pouring and storage.
  • Non-glug design assures effluence in a continuous, uninterrupted stream.
  • Cubitainers® meet UN Packaging Type 4G standard and is authorized for Packaging Group II and III liquids, and conforms to FDA Regulation 177.1520
  • Not for use with fuels or oils.
SizeCapColorStd. CaseBulk Pkg.DescriptionLevel 1Level 5
640oz/20L38mmNatural12365 gallon LDPE Cubitainer1211-06405211-0640
320oz/10L38mmNatural12362.5 gallon LDPE Cubitainer1211-03205211-0320
128oz/4L38mmNatural361601 gallon LDPE Cubitainer1211-01285211-0128
32oz/1000mL38mmNatural3614432oz LDPE Cubitainer1211-00325211-0032