Air Sample Bag Fittings

QEC offers several types of air sampling bag fittings. See Multi-Layer Foil, and Tedlar® product pages for your options for assembled ready-to-ship bags. QEC can custom prepare any bag with any of the fittings shown here. Call QEC's customer service team for complete information:

(1) Polypropylene Locking® Combo Valve w/ Septum

Standard on 1 liter Multi-Foil, and Tedlar® bags. Can be custom-prepared on 2 liter Tedlar® bags. Inert polypropylene. Fluoropolymer-faced septum with low bleed silicone rubber. Push/pull valve stem for quick (<1 second), easy opening/closing. Allows repeated puncture with syringe without leaking.

(2) Polypropylene Screw Valve w/ Replaceable Septum:

Standard on 2 liter Tedlar® bags. Can be custom-prepared for other bag materials and sizes. Lightweight, inexpensive. Inert Polypropylene with replaceable fluoropolymer-faced low-bleed septum.  Insures integrity of sample and prevents accidental sample loss. Allows reuse of valve by only replacing low-cost septum. Easy to use; easy to see if valve is open or closed. Click here for operating instructions

(3) Plastic Jaco® Fitting for Tubing or Septum:

Available only for custom-prepared bags. Polypropylene molded construction with fluoropolymer-faced large-area septum. Superior grip, lower cost than metal fittings. Allows attachment of tubing or syringe sample extraction. Allows repeated syringe punctures. Reuse valve by replacing only septum.

(4) Nickel Plated Halkey® Roberts Barbed On/Off Valve:

Available only for custom-prepared bags. Nickel plating resists damage from the most aggressive chemicals. Barbed stem helps hold tubing in place. Leak resistant in closed position.