5035 Preserved VOA Vials

QEC's Method 5035 preserved vials are 40mL Level 3 VOA vials (pre-cleaned to EPA standards, with Certificate of Analysis), with open-top caps and low-bleed 0.125" PTFE/silcone septa. Prepared with label and tamper-evident seal.

Sodium Bisulfate vials contain 5mL of 20% solution organic-free DI water and sodium bisulfate. Tare weighted with stir bars.

Methanol vials are available with 5mL or 10mL of purge and trap grade methanol. Tare weighted, available with or without stir bars.

DI Water vials contain 5mL of organic-free DI water.  Tare weighted with stir bars.

Stir Bars can be purchased separately.

SizeColorCasePreservativeStir BarTare WtProduct No.
40ml Amber725mL 20% solution Sodium BisulfateYesYes3122-40ml/CP5035-SB5ST
40ml Clear725mL 20% solution Sodium BisulfateYesYes3112-40ml/CP5035-SB5ST
40ml Amber725mL Organic-free DI waterYesYes3122-40ml/CP5035-DI5ST
40ml Clear725 mL Organic-free DI waterYesYes3112-40ml/CP5035-DI5ST
40ml Amber725mL purge and trap grade MethanolNoYes3122-40ml/CP5035-M5T
40ml Clear725mL purge and trap grade MethanolNoYes3112-40ml/CP5035-M5T
40ml Amber7210mL purge and trap grade MethanolNoYes3122-40ml/CP5035-M10T
40ml Clear7210mL purge and trap grade MethanolNoYes3112-40ml/CP5035-M10T
n/aWhite1001/2" x 5/16" PTFE-coated Magnetic Spinbars15035-1008