24-414 Open Top Caps, unlined

Unlined open top polypropylene 24-414 caps for use with various containers, including VOA vials, 8 oz and 4 oz size boston rounds. These caps are sold without septa. Available in white, yellow, red, and blue.

SizeColorDescriptionPkgProduct No.
24-414WhitePolypropylene open top cap100 1M24-414W
24-414WhitePolypropylene open top cap, bulk packaged3,700BM24-414W
24-414YellowPolypropylene open top cap100 1M24-414Y
24-414YellowPolypropylene open top cap, bulk packaged3,700BM24-414Y
24-414RedPolypropylene open top cap100 1M24-414R
24-414RedPolypropylene open top cap, bulk packaged3,700BM24-414R
24-414BluePolypropylene open top cap100 1M24-414B
24-414BluePolypropylene open top cap, bulk packaged3,700BM24-414B